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Newtown Festival

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Newtown Festival Invites you to GET INVOLVED and celebrate 40 years!


Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (NNC) is striving for Newtown Festival to be thebiggest and best festival for social change in Australia. To achieve this, we need YOU, our local community, to get involved!


Purpose of the Festival


Now in it’s 40thyear, Newtown Festival is produced by the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre as NNC’s major annual fundraiser. 


All donations received through the Festival & NNC Festival Series go directly to the Centre to support our Inner West community though the programs and services NNC provides.


In 2017, the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre rallied all our key stakeholders - the NNC board, residents, local business and representatives of council to come together and help determine why Newtown Festival exists and what the objectives are to ensure a sustainable future for this much-loved event! 


We’re proud to share these objectives with you and look forward to working together to achieve them.


Newtown Festival Objectives:


1.    As the primary fundraiser for NNC, we are aiming to increase the net revenue raised each year by 15-20%. This is essential to enable NNC to continue serving the community!


2.     We want to ensure all partners have a positive experience with the Festival, returning the following year to build on their contribution


3.     We aim to increase the number of local business, residents, creatives and community groups NNC is connecting with through the Festival and increase the level of engagement

4.     Through our communications we will raise awareness of the role and services NNC provides and those of our Festival partners

5.    Through our planning, we will reduce risk and strive to deliver the safest possible event 


6.    We will continue to educate our team and the local community to increase environmental awareness through our festival Program and by continuing to improve sustainability measures at the Festival to work towards becoming ISO 20121 compliant


7.    We need to find out more about our audience and whether they would like to become involved with NNC beyond the Festival


What does NNC do? 

As the backbone of the local community, NNC provides frontline services for those doing it tough in the Inner West. 

The Centre proactively works with people at risk of homelessness and vulnerable groups such as the aged, people with disabilities, people with mental illness, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and people on low incomes.  The Centre provides pathways to a variety of social programs, access to computers and venue hire. Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (NNC) aims to build an inclusive, resilient, self-reliant and creative community, striving to protect and develop Newtown’s unique character – the “Newtown Vibe”


So how can I get involved? 

By being a Newtown Festival Stallholder, you are contributing to social change and promoting community connectedness.  

With multiple factors, including the rising cost of living and huge reductions in government funding, now more than ever, NNC is reliant on generous support from the local community to continue its work. The money raised through stall fees, directly funds the services and programs NNC provides for our local community and help to ensure a future for Newtown Festival!

Important details to note when applying

·      NNC will curate stalls to ensure there is broad variety and stalls are in keeping with the vibe of Newtown Festival

·      NNC will consider stall presentation, product suitability and product variety when determining stall places

·      Preference will be given to stallholders from the local Inner West area

·      Completing this application form does not automatically guarantee you a stall place at the Festival. This decision ultimately rests with NNC

·      Openings for new applicants each year are limited.  Please ensure you submit your application early and complete all of the required information for the best chance of being accepted

·      Stall layout may alter in some areas from previous years and while we do our best, we cannot always guarantee you the same stall space as a pervious year

·      Your stall application could be declined for a range of reasons including sites or product categories being full 

·      You will receive an email indicating whether your application is approved or declined.  However, NNC is not compelled to provide explanations for their decision

·      It is the stallholders’ responsibility to ensure all documentation is complete, submitted and received

·      You won't be able to attend the Festival until all requirements are met by the due date 24 August 2018, including:

o  Receipt of full payment

o  Supply a copy of valid public liability insurance certificate and evidence of Workers Compensation where required

o  All forms correctly signed

Without all the above information and full payment, your application cannot be finalised and your preferred stall site may not be available.

2018 Festival Stallholder Terms and Conditions

Please note: All stalls will be audited for safety, environmental & power compliance as well as for restricted product sales.

Sustainability Guidelines for trading at Newtown Festival 2018 - please read carefully. The guidelines will be strictly enforced. Anyone not prepared to use the approved service ware or abide by the requirements outlined will not be permitted to trade on the day. A breach of the environemntal guidelines will forfeit your environmental bond. Sustainability Guidelines


STALL SIZESites are strictly 3m x 3m (including storage and trailers/tow bars). If you require more space, you need to apply for a 6m x 3m space. Approval will depend on product suitability and is at our discretion. If your structure is larger than your booked and allocated space you will not be permitted to set up on the festival day and no refund will be issued.



·      Mains power is not available onsite

·      Only generators organised by the festival are allowed on site – no exceptions

·      Powered sites are allocated at a fee. Please indicate on your application

·      Stallholders must bring their own compliant power leads. Power leads and extension cords must be unbroken and they must not lie across thoroughfares. Faulty leads and electrical appliances can trip the power supply. Please ensure your equipment has been recently tagged by an accredited electrician

·      If your appliances and leads are not recently tested and tagged, our electrician will test and tag them on the day at a cost to you of $100 per lead


NB Power audits will be conducted throughout the festival day and anyone taking more power than they have applied and paid for will be required to cease trading immediately until payment of extra power (if available) is made. 


SUB-LEASING: Under no circumstances shall any sites be sub-let.

SPRUIKING: Under no circumstances are stallholders permitted to go outside of their stall and solicit festival attendees. All activities must be conducted within the allocated stall space.

: Newtown Festival has a strict environmental policy. No active handing out of leaflets permitted from outside of your stall site.

RESTRICTED ITEMS: No stalls are permitted to sell water, alcohol or energy drinks

BALLOONS: No helium or other balloons are to be used for presentation purposes or sold on the day.

WASTE AND THE ENVIRONMENT: All participants are responsible for making Newtown Festival environmentally friendly. Please ensure you read and comply with the Sustainable Guidelines for trading at Newtown Festival 2018. 
Audits will be conducted throughout the day to ensure these are being adhered to and anyone found in breach of the environmental guidelines will forfeit their environmental bond.

WORK HEALTH & SAFETY: All stallholders are expected to abide by any and all safety regulations and requirements to ensure that Newtown Festival is a safe and WHS compliant event. You are responsible for WHS training of yourself and your staff who are present at the Festival.


WEATHER/CROWDS: The Festival will go ahead regardless of the weather. Newtown Neighbourhood Centre takes no responsibility for inclement weather or crowd participation. Please be prepared for wet or sunny weather - bring a cover!


PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE: You must have your own Public Liability insurance to a minimum of $20 millionbroad form coverage. Please email a copy of your Certificate of Currencyshowing coverage beyond the Festival Day (Note: Only 365 day policies will be accepted). 


If you have not provided a valid copy of your public liability insurance by the closing date for stall applications (Midnight Sunday 30 September 2018) you will risk your application for a stall being declined.

WORKERS COMPENSATION INSURANCEIn NSW, it is compulsory to have a workers compensation policy if you engage workers or contractors deemed to be workers and pay, or expect to pay, more than $7,500 a year in wages, or you engage apprentices or trainees, or you are a member of a Group for workers compensation purposes.

If you are required to have a workers compensation policy, please email a copy of your Certificate of Currency showing coverage beyond the Festival Day (Note: Only 365 day policies will be accepted).

Key DatesDate
Start DateSunday 11th, November 2018 07:00 AM
End DateSunday 11th, November 2018 06:00 PM
Stage 1 - Notification to successful applicantsMonday 27th, August 2018
Stage 1 - Full Payment DueFriday 31st, August 2018
Stage 2 - Notification to successful applicants and unsuccessful applicantsFriday 7th, September 2018
Unsuccessful applicants bonds refundedFriday 31st, August 2018
Stage 2 - Full payment dueFriday 14th, September 2018
Health services documentation dueFriday 31st, August 2018
Final bond refund or RolloverFriday 16th, November 2018