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7 Bridges Walk 2023

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Please read all information and food guidelines below before applying for 7 Bridges Walk 2023. 

Additional information on guidelines for food trucks

Not permitted


• No alcohol to be provided and no alcohol advertising or branding.

Processed meat

• Food trucks that offer predominantly hot dogs, Kransky's and processed meat.

Other branding and advertising

• Trucks should not make claims that the food provides particular health benefits

unless those benefits are scientifically proven. There should be no promotion of the

benefits of foods in relation to cancer.


At each site, there should be a variety of healthy foods including some vegetarian options.

Meal, snack and drink options include:

• Plenty of different types of vegetables and legumes, e.g., interesting salads, salad

or vegetables included in meals

• Fruit, preferably fresh and in season, e.g., fruit salad, fruit and yoghurt, fresh fruit

based smoothies (not juice)

• Mostly wholegrain or wholemeal bread, wraps, biscuits, and crackers. e.g., toasted

sandwiches, filled wraps and tortillas

• Lean meats such as chicken, lamb, and beef in small amounts. Provide fish such as

salmon and tuna and vegetarian options such as egg, tofu, hummus, e.g., infilled

wraps, salads, mixed meals

• Milk and yoghurt, preferably reduced fat. Milk and yoghurt-based smoothies

• Water as the main drink

• small serves of 99% juice (preferably <250mL)

Meal, snack, and drink options to limit:

• Processed meats such as ham, devon, bacon, salami, silverside, prosciutto,

frankfurts, Kransky or chorizo e.g., a truck could provide a bacon and egg roll but

should also provide options that do not have processed meat such as bacon and


• Sugary drinks such as soft drinks, sweetened teas, fruit drinks and cordials. Provide

Another option that is reduced sugar.

• Cakes, sweet pastries, pies and sausage rolls, hot chips and if available should be in

small amounts and only in small serve sizes (no more than 80g for slices, muffins,

and cakes). Do not supply chocolate, confectionery, or crisps.

• Limit number of places ice creams, slushies, baked goods are available per site.

Use healthy preparation methods:

• Use poly or monounsaturated fats such as olive oil, sunflower or canola as spreads

or oils or in dressings. Other healthy spreads include avocado, nut spreads, tahini,

hummus, and tzatziki. Use dressings and spreads sparingly.

• Use healthy cooking methods: grilling, stir-frying, steaming, microwaving, oven

baking, boiling, poaching, dry-frying, or barbequing. Avoid burning food.

• When cooking, use small amounts of poly or monounsaturated fats.

• Salt should be used sparingly. Use pepper, herbs, and spices in place of salt.

Examples of the type of food encouraged

• Fruit salad

• Steamed dumplings with vegetarian options

• Vegetarian

• Scrambled eggs

• Fresh and toasted sandwiches

• Burgers with salad and vegetarian options

• Tortillas with vegetarian options

• Fresh fruit, milk or yoghurt-based smoothies


7 Bridges Walk 

After 2 years of virtual events, Cancer Council are thrilled to be bringing back the physical event 7 Bridges Walk on Sunday 23 October 2022! This year marks the 17th year of 7 Bridges Walk, an annual fundraiser where the community unites to walk 28km while raising funds to support people impacted by cancer.

Sunday 22 October 2023

4 Villages

Milson’s Point Village/ Pyrmont Village/ Rozelle Village/ Lane Cove Village/ Wollstonecraft Village

Fee: 20% commission on total sales revenue. 

$300 + GST booking fee (deducted from final commission) 

Key DatesDate
Start DateSunday 22nd, October 2023 06:00 AM
End DateSunday 22nd, October 2023 05:00 PM
Stage 1 - Notification to successful applicantsFriday 15th, September 2023
Stage 1 - Full Payment DueFriday 22nd, September 2023
Stage 2 - Notification to successful applicants and unsuccessful applicantsFriday 22nd, September 2023
Unsuccessful applicants bonds refundedFriday 6th, October 2023
Stage 2 - Full payment dueFriday 29th, September 2023
Health services documentation dueFriday 6th, October 2023
Final bond refund or RolloverFriday 3rd, November 2023